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Frustrated by searching for your new business premises without success? Rare-Find can help. We handle the property search for you, matching businesses with the properties they’ve been looking for but couldn’t find.

Not only that, we’ll handle the negotiations and navigate a successful route through to early occupancy. Acting solely for you, the occupier, safeguarding your interests both financially and in terms of a new lease, we do the hard work to allow you to carry on with what you do best; running your business.

Here’s how we do it…

The Offer


We recognise that a relocation is as much a business decision as a property decision, and will work closely with you to understand and help you define your specific needs and requirements.


We consider all available property options and, through our detailed market intelligence, identify all potentially suitable properties including those not on the open market, way beyond the possibilities of a traditional search.


Once sourced, we negotiate to secure your ideal property on the best possible terms. Our audit trail ensures you can track the process and be confident of how the final decision has been reached.

About Our Team

We strongly believe that results are down to the people who do the work. Our forensic knowledge of the property market, coupled with years of experience, means we offer senior level advice and guide you towards the best property for you.

Our Clients

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At RARE we believe that the only way to achieve outstanding results is by living and breathing the area, which is why our 'on the ground' research is always first to spot the opportunities and highlight the latest trends, which in turn gives our clients a competitive edge.

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